Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Garden War : Entry #10

"It is finished!  We have won!  The broccoli bed and peanut patch have been taken back!
There will be dancing in the street, feasts, . . . . and cake!  I've dropped my armor and adorned myself with robes.  For now and forever more I shall be known as The Warrior Princess.  :-D
Thank you to all my loyal subjects who kept the home fires burning: B, G, and E!"


The bountiful broccoli crop God gave us this year.

Our sunflowers.

Peanuts post-battle.

Broccoli post-battle

The Garden War : The Final Battle


"The final battle!  The garden warrior is going on to take back the broccoli bed and peanut patch!"


Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Garden War : Entry #9


"It has been won!  The first pic is of the whole garden.  Next the beans, tomatoes and peppers, corn, onions and spinach, and THE PEAS!"


The Garden War : BREAKING NEWS


"Wait!  This just in!  The enemy has flanked up!  While we were fighting for the peas, the enemy took the broccoli bed.  We shall fight another day!"


The Garden War : Entry #8


"The war has been won!  Hallelujah!  I just want to take this opportunity to thank our reporter Mandy who has been embedded with our troops.  She has done a beautiful job blogging our every move.  [Aw thank Mom!]  On the down side, I don't believe my hero would be proud of me.  Total we lost 5 to friendly fire.  Maybe I'm not the general I thought I was.  :("


Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Garden War : Entry #7


"I'm going in for the final battle.  The last city shall be taken today!"


Friday, June 21, 2013

The Garden War : Entry #6 - A View of the Battle


"So if I'm going to go down in history as one of the great American generals, I should probably have a name that lives up to my heroism.  :)  Paul says The Garden Warrior.  Hum, I think I like it!  Today we have had collateral damage.  Poor Mr. Worm, may he rest in peace."

- The Garden Warrior

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Garden War : Entry #5


"I've been concerned that the enemy is gaining strength.  They have a new ally: mold.  However, today I have also received a new ally: Clarissa.  Her job is to clear the battlefield when a city has been taken.   She is a wish-washy ally at best, though.  After fighting the good fight, she said the battle was too heated and she was turning to passivity.  Really though, she was an amazing help."


The Garden War : Entry #4


"Unlike my hero, George Washington, I cannot bring myself to fight in the rain.  I am not that brave; so yesterday we rested.
Today, however, after a three and a half hour siege, we took another city.  That is four cities taken, four to go.  After an internal investigation, we have determined that there were no friendly fire casualties; but I am sad to report that we lost one pea plant to the weeds.  :( "


The Garden War : Entry #3


"We have taken back the corn!  There were casualties I'm afraid.  Friendly fire.  Whoops!  :-P  Think of me as I go in for the peas."


The Garden War : Entry #2


"We've now saved the beans! The battle for the corn is looking great. Should be won in a day or two. God save the peas!"


The Garden War : Entry #1


A note from the heat of the battle:

"This week P (my dad) and I are fighting a war to take back the garden from the weeds.  We are faring pretty well.  The onion, tomato, and pepper battles have been won.  The corn and bean battles are looking good.  I'm afraid, however, we may have casualties in the pea battle.  We will see."

- M (my mom)